ROUND-UP: The Year in Jewish Cinema

I thought I’d dedicate this round-up to some of the big news from the world of the silver screen, where there has been plenty of recent Israeli/Jewish news.
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ROUND-UP: European Day of Jewish Culture

Jews in Europe haven’t had a particularly easy time of it over the past few years. French Jewry has suffered perhaps more than most, leading to an unprecedented wave of aliya [migration to Israel] in recent years amid real concerns within the community. France, however, is also the source of one of the most positive initiatives to deal with the place of Jews in modern-day Europe. The European Day of Jewish Culture began life in Alsace-Lorraine, and this year marks the milestone 20th edition.

In a typically European way, whilst everyone agrees on the general need for such a day, nobody can agree on the exact details. That’s why, despite the official date in the calendar being set for today, September 4th, in actual fact events are spread out over the next few weeks (and in some cases, exhibitions that are set to last for months). I had a look round the internet, and have compiled some background to Jewish communities, and a few events that are worth checking out if you find yourself in any of these areas in the next few weeks:
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