The Ultimate Jewish Playlist

For the upcoming Jewish holidays, on which more soon, I thought I would compile a playlist of influential or unique Jewish musicians. The Jewish musical tradition goes back as long as the religion itself. This is especially true in the Sephardi (Middle East/North African) community, whose prayers are traditionally much more lyrical and tuneful than the spoken Ashkenazi (Central/Eastern European) prayers. My family is as Ashkenazi as it is possible to be, but when my parents moved to a town in the Galilee in 1975 which had been established to accommodate Moroccan immigrants, our European traditions went out of the window. We don’t miss them. My mum cooks flavourful, colourful Sephardi food and my dad sings the Friday evening prayer to the more lyrical Sephardi tune. I mention this because there are disproportionately more Sephardi singers in my list, and that is entirely fair.
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